On second thought

2016-10-18 10:48:48 by TheSecondPerson

i'm gonna take things slower and injoy what I'm doing is instead of setting too high of standards for myself.

so maybe i might actually post stuff for once

What to come....(part 3)

2016-04-08 00:04:48 by TheSecondPerson

Okay I got the first 20 pages done now just to finalizes them and then it will be out on Chilled~Beast Deviant Art.

I think I'll make each comic go up to 80 to 60 pages total and release 20-page sets

oh and the H'S B'S animation will be on hold for now but I think I'll just make it a comic to

What to come....(part 2)

2016-01-13 18:12:01 by TheSecondPerson

Working on a cartoon pilot.

Making a comic.

Looing for writers.

Can't say much else....

What to come.....

2016-01-10 23:49:56 by TheSecondPerson

I'm working on promo art for two series that i'll be maken....